Keep out of direct sunlight as it may cause fading over time.

Keep in cool dry area

When framing we recommend using acid-free, archiving mounting tape and acid-free matting.




Avoid direct sunlight  as it may cause fading over time. 

Do not bleach

Hand wash in cold water in mild detergent. Hang to dry and iron inside out on medium heat with no steam.

For minor stains we recommend  that you can spot clean the affected area with a small amount of mild soap in cold water. 

WASHING: Hand wash in cold water with a mild pH-neutral detergent in cold water and hang to dry.

Iron on medium heat while the fabric is slightly damp if needed.

Do not use chlorine bleach, this may damage the fibres. 

Do NOT tumble dry as this may cause shrinkage. 

Keep away from prolonged, direct sunlight.




Ink: Soak in milk, or in soap-and-ammonia mixture, and rub the spot.

Blood: Rinse immediately in cold water.

Fruit, coffee, tea and chocolate: Rub with alcohol, white vinegar 

Candle wax: Scratch off dried wax, absorb residue with blotting paper & warm iron.

Red Wine: Rub immediately with sparkling water or white wine.